Introduction to Lactation Practice in the Community

From Idea to Income (1.5 R-CERPS)

Want to get started working with families in the community, but not sure where to start? 

Already practicing as a private lactation consultant, but looking to collaborate with an existing medical practice? 

We are all in this field to help people breastfeed, but sometimes the realities of business can be overwhelming.  In this course, we will help you conceptualize your ideal practice given your own goals and your individual community. Two case studies will be used to compare and contrast the realities of a community private practice to those of a lactation service embedded in an existing clinical care setting.   We will cover many of the necessary steps in establishing your ideal practice setting in a way that is safe for you as a practitioner as well as for your patients, responsible both legally and professionally, and discuss how different settings may fit your personal and career goals.   

We will cover topics such as:  

  • Your legal obligations as a private business or business partner
  • Options for collaborating with pediatrics, obstetrics/midwifery, and/or family practice
  • Setting up your practice space 
  • Reaching out to, and partnering with, clinicians within your practice or in your community 
  • The time and cost you can expect to start and maintain your practice 
  • Options for record keeping, documentation, and communication with the medical community
  • Structuring your financial agreements
  • Working with insurance companies as a private practitioner or using your clinical collaboration to expand your ability to bill insurance  

Specific tools will be provided for use in conceptualizing and operationalizing a lactation practice. At the end of this course, participants will have visualized their ideal practice, considered some of the complex issues surrounding the establishment of a clinical practice, and worked through the nuts and bolts of providing care responsibly. 

Note: This course does not cover specific billing information such as codes.

What's included? (6 weeks of access)

1 Video
1 Survey
6 Texts
2 PDFs
1 Download
6 Presentations

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